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Bio Cosmo PRP

Bio Cosmo PRP - Full Kit

Bio Cosmo PRP - Full Kit

Bio Cosmo PRP boost natural regenerative ability to preserve the tone, Elasticity, brightness of youthful skin.

Using the Bio Cosmo PRP simple and efficient technique, platelets in your own blood are concentrated in a clear plasma. When this plasma is injected into your skin, a high amount of growth factors is released to stimulate soft tissue regeneration.
Bio Cosmo PRP, no need for chemical activation, it uses the skin collagen for bio activation

Bio Cosmo PRP is a revolutionary repair system that uses the body’s own growth factors helping the skin to 
repair and rejuvenate itself.


Advantages of Bio Cosmo PRP kit?

The unique design of Bio Cosmo PRP enables:

  • High platelet count concentration with their growth factors
  • Concentration of platelets up to 1,000,000 pl/mL is achievable
  • 6 cc of plasma total volume that enough for face, hair, hand treatment
  • Bio Cosmo PRP kit virtually eliminates granulocytes from the PRP, which are considered not beneficial in terms of regeneration process and may contribute to a catabolic effect by secreting catabolic mediators, including metalloproteinases.
  • Bio Cosmo PRP does not contain detectable red blood cells, which have been shown to significantly decrease fibroblast proliferation and augment apoptosis in vitro.
  • Bio Cosmo PRP contains mononuclear cells, which help in fighting infection and are thought to enhance the anabolic effects of PRP. Specifically, this cell population leads to increase in collagen expression by Anterior Cruciate Ligament fibroblasts in vitro.
  • Maximum modularity & flexibility - easy adjustment to many different varieties of applications and users
  • Bio Cosmo PRP is compatible with a standard centrifuge and does not require expensive and cumbersome equipment
  • A simple to prepare, effective and value for money PRP system



Results to be expected after injection of Bio Cosmo PRP?

The benefits of BIO COSMO PRP are age dependent.

  • Skin rejuvenation is seen in all age groups
  • BIO COSMO PRP is particularly effective for wrinkles under and around the eyes that are difficult to treat by conventional rejuvenation therapy
  • BIO COSMO PRP is effective for treating acne scars, burn scars, and wound scars old or new.
  • Bio Cosmo treat saggy skin, eye bags, neck, back of the hand wrinkles, and stretch marks
  • BIO COSMO PRP has also been effectively used as a natural volumizing therapy and for hair restoration
  • BIO COSMO treatment regime will depend on age of patient, condition of patient blood, skin and what you are trying to achieve.
  • BIO COSMO PRP may be used synergistically with fractional radio frequency, peels, or any other anti-ageing treatment


Safety of BIO COSMO PRP?

Adverse effects are related to the injection procedure itself and not to the PRP content of the injection. Any safety concerns regarding the injection procedure apply to any injected substances, not just PRP.

There is always more risk in injecting foreign material (such as Botox, fillers, which may be potentially immunogenic and may contain ancillary damaging substances) than an autologous product such as Platelet Rich Plasma.

Platelet rich plasma is not a new concept in medicine. PRP has been used successfully in wound healing and tissue repair and in orthopedics, dentistry, neurosurgery and ophthalmology.
Activated PRP is also used successfully during cosmetic surgery during face lifts for example.


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